Outfit of the Day: Ankara Lovin’ 

Okay, for those that have been following me for some time now, it’s no secret that Linda Okoli is Nigerian. One of the most distinctive characteristics of my culture is our clothing. Although I live here in the U.S, that has never stopped me from racking up on my several Ankaras. Thanks to my aunt, my sisters and I have always been equipped with the latest Nigerian styles. This dress is actually a great example of that. Today was my youngest sister’s fifth grade graduation, and even though it was a pretty casual affair, I wanted to bring a little glam to the event. After all, any and every celebration is worth dressing up for.

Blue is not a color I wear often, however,  I love how the patterns in this garment are intricately placed. Not to mention the contrast of the different blues, definitely compliments my skin tone. The strapless cut was so youthful and fun to me, that I decided to throw on a pink lip and fluff my big curly hair a little more, just to accentuate the look even more.

Hope you all enjoyed this look! And congratulations Victoria, one step closer to being the educated queen you were destined to be!





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