Outfit of The Day: Naija Lovin’

Any opportunity I have to showcase my culture, I take it. Whether it be through an event, music, or interacting with others…it is important for everyone to know where I come from and I how proud I am of that.

That pride is especially prevalent in my fashion as of lately! I have a bunch of dashikis and ankaras stored up in my closet and with the summer approaching, what  better time to pull them on out! This red dashiki has a beautiful and colorful pattern that not only accentuates my hair and accessories, but I think it also does a great job of complimenting my skin tone as well.

This particular dashiki is actually a pretty popular make and several people have them! They can be worn in several ways as well. You can pair them with a pair of jeans or a pair of shorts, you can pair them with a simple pair of tights, or whichever way you see fit! Because this dashiki was rather over sized on me, I decided to wear it as a dress (but don’t worry, I had shorts on underneath in case the wind wanted to have a Marilyn Monroe effect lol).

Thank You all for clicking on this post and I hope you all enjoy this look! Until the next outfit. ✌🏿️




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