Post #52: The Greener Grass

When I was younger, I really wanted to be friends with these girls that went to my school. I had my own quiet group of friends that I regularly hung out with…we had our quirky little jokes and we mainly stayed low-key in the background. I always thought my friends were cool, but they were nothing like these girls that I dreamed of being friends with. These girls were popular, beautiful, admired…they were everything I wanted to be and more. Well one day in class, one of those girls ended up being my partner for a theater project. I guess we vibed pretty well throughout the assignment, because once the project was over, she invited me out for a girl’s day that following Saturday with her and the other girls. I gave a calm, cool, and collected acceptance to her invitation…but deep down I was ecstatic. That Saturday led to another Saturday and another one, and the more I started hanging with them, the less I saw my other friends. I wanted to experience something better than them, and I thought my way of doing that was through these new group of girls. I was finally exposed to their world and saw life through their lens, and at first, I loved it. They were fun and exciting and different from any other girls I had hung out with before. 

 But as time went on, I started to discover who they truly were…and I witnessed things that I didn’t expect from looking at their “perfect” surface. These girls weren’t perfect at all…they were mean. They were insensitive. They were arrogant. They took pride in the insults they gave others and in seeing others feel down about themselves. They were nothing like I portrayed them to be. I started to realize that these girls I wanted to be around so badly, were nothing compared to the genuine and kind hearted people I was lucky enough to call my friends before them. But I was so wrapped up in the trying to experience a new package that I took for granted the amazing package that was already right in front of me. And when I started to realize how great I had it, I regretted ever looking over my shoulder to compare. Because if there’s one thing I was right about …it’s that my friends were nothing like them, they were better. 

Sometimes we’re overly intrigued by the unfamiliar. We think something is better simply because it’s new and different from what we already have. But often times we’re glamorizing something that has its own set of issues that are often times than not, more problematic than what we already have. Remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Instead of spending so much time looking over your shoulder at what could be, appreciate what’s already in front of you. Whether it be something as simple as a material item or something as big as your relationship with a friend or a significant other…learn to take a second and appreciate the good that is encompassed in what you already have. You are so blessed but you can’t even appreciate it, because you’re so busy trying to fix something that’s not even broken. Look at what’s right in front you. Be proud of it. Show it off. Most importantly, appreciate it. No matter what may be flashing around you, remember to love YOURS. And the day you realize that all that glitters isn’t gold, you’ll start to see that everything in your life is shining just fine. 
—Life On LOC

Post #52


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