Outfit of the Day: Summer Dayz ☀️

I know it’s been a while since ya’ll have seen the big, curly fro but she is back for a little while and I must say it’s been a nice reunion thus far! Many of you all may not know, but its been raining cats and dogs in Houston for the past couple of weeks. So I must say, I am ecstatic that Houston is blessed with a beautiful, sunny day!

For today’s look, I wanted to be a little more edgy than usual. I grabbed one of my favorite dashikis and paired it with these sleek black American Apparel rider pants. (I swear these pants go with everything!) lol.

For accessories, I decided to be simple and wear this 90’s chocker to add to that edgy look I was going for and my black open toed shoes to maintain that sophistication that I always like to have with my look.

Simply put, It was a big hair, dashiki wearing, long leg kind of day…and I was all the way here for it.

Shirt: Dashiki from Nigeria

Pants: American Apparel

Chocker: Amuse Jewelry




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