Outfit of the Day: Views From the Motherland 

Okay, quick story time! I went to Baylor University for undergrad and it was kind of an unspoken rule that all the Africans were involved with the African Student Association (even the ones that were like me and barely went to meetings and events lol….nevertheless, the support and African bond was always understood ). Well one of ASA’s most popular event is a program called ASA weekend. It’s an entire two days filled with meeting and interacting with other Africans from other schools, embracing unique cultures, and turning up while doing it! Well out of all my four years at Baylor, I never went to one. (I know, I know). But I had a good excuse! See, either the weekend fell during an exam week, I was out of town, or sometimes, I just wouldn’t hear about them until after the fact! My sister would always beg me to come but simply put, it just never worked out. Well ironically enough, as a graduate I am experiencing my first ASA weekend lol. So far it’s been super fun, but now that all the event are done for the day, it’s now time to party!

There are tons of people at this weekend so I wanted to wear something that was light and allowed me t breathe yet still a little sexy sophistication attached to it. I know the cleavage is a little more exposed for some than others, however, I thought it balanced nicely with these black and gold printed, high-waisted shorts that you can see from a mile away! Oh and don’t mind that green band, it was mandatory to wear it throughout the weekend. But if you look with one eye and squint with the other, it kind of gives it a nice touch don’t you think? Lol

Hope yall enjoyed this look! Let me know what you think!

Bodysuit and Shorts: A’GACI



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