Outfit of the day: Linda from the Block ✌🏿️🤘🏿

So usually when my dad outgrows clothes, he’ll give them away. But this time I had him save me a few to accomplish a few looks I had in mind. One of looks was this fun sky blue look that you see here. With the summer time approaching I wanted to try more fun, urban looks and what better look to start with than this simple one. Now for those that haven’t seen my dad, he’s like a big teddy bear and for those that have seen me, I am like a little twig on a tree lol. So naturally, the shirt was a little oversized on me. So, I tied it in the front and created a cute little ball which I think added a nice touch to the outfit and made the outfit flow a little more seamlessly.

Usually I don’t talk about my hair much in my posts, but when I thought of this outfit, I thought these space buns would be the perfect addition to top it all off! What do you all think?

Hope you all enjoyed!



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