Outfit of the Day: Banquet Tingz 

Remember a couple of outfits ago…”The Views from the Motherland” post where I talked about ASA weekend? Well, I forgot to mention that there was also a fancy banquet during the weekend. If there’s one thing I LOVE guys, it’s seeing young people all classy and dressed up and still having fun! Now I know I told you all I never attended an ASA weekend (which is true), BUT I HAVE seen pictures and boy do people go all out for this banquet!

So of course, I had to keep up with the African Joneses and put my best foot forward. By now I am sure that you all have figured out that I am a huge thrifter and I kid you all not, this black and gold, velvet beauty was literally hidden in the back of the dresses rack! Sometimes it amazes me what people choose to give away! But whoever gave this beauty away, I thank you because I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it!

I hope you all enjoyed this look as well!

P.S: As for the banquet, I loved it! After all what’s better than beautiful Africans, beautiful outfits, and  well-cooked African food!

Dress: Thrifted



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