Post #45: The Tea

I Iove Brisk Ice Tea. Some will argue that it’s more of a soda, but to me, it’s perfection. It’s the perfect mix of sugar, sweetness, and flavor. Some, like my mother, love the taste of green tea. Some like chai tea, black tea, and so many other competing flavors and brands on the market. But there’s one brand of tea that seems to always be tempting no matter whose drinking it: YOUR tea. People love to sip on your relationship status, your personal drama, and all the other limited edition tea going on in your life that you can’t buy in stores. In a sense, it’s what keeps members of our society interacting amongst one another. But no matter what kind of tea you have, it’s important to be cautious of who you bring to the tea party.

See, a lot of times we tell people our intimate thoughts and transgressions for several reasons. We tell people our issues because we trust them…we want to confide in them… We tell them because we’re frustrated and we want to vent. We want to seek their advice, and more often times than not, we just want to let out our pain to someone that cares. But not every guest at your tea party has the same genuine intentions as you do. Some are at your tea party to use your tea against you, some just want to spill your tea with others, and some just want to hear your tea simply because at the moment, your tea is a little more bitter than theirs. Unfortunately, we can’t control the actions of others, but what we CAN control, is the people we choose to share our personal lives with. As you’re pouring your tea with others, make sure it’s with people that truly have your best interest at heart. Be sure to only invite those to the tea party that are going to help you, uplift you, and motivate you to get through the more vulnerable aspects of your life. Stray away from those that are going to devalue or discredit your unique brand. Instead, invite guests that are going to refine your tea to be the best on the market. Take solace in the fact that your tea is so authentic and unique in taste, and it can only be appreciated by those who truly understand the value of your brand. So only embrace those that will help you make your tea richer than ever. Because those are the people worthy to attend a limited edition tea party.

So remember to keep your tea and the guest to your tea party sacred…not everyone deserves an invite


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