Sports Illustrated: The Spring Break Edition

Okay, so quick Story Time! I bought this swimsuit from American Apparel almost a year ago. I was SUPPOSED to wear it to this huge Greek Pool Party with a few of my line sisters. Well, unfortunately, plans fell through and I had to fold this bad boy and put it in the drawer with all of my other swimwear not to be worn until another opportunity came my way. All of my friends suggested I return it since I only bought it for this huge pool party and not to mention, the funds were a little limited at the time. But I am so glad I decided to keep it, because I don’t think I could have pulled off a better beach look!

The great thing about this one piece is not only the flashy design that you can see from a mile away, but its the intricate high cut that elongates the legs and shapes the butt to look better than ever. Although my hair covered most of it, the backless aspect if the suit added to the sex appeal and made the swimsuit even more memorable!

Another thing I love about the swimsuit is its alternative use! Sure, its mainly used for swimwear, but you can also tuck this bad boy into some high-waisted pants or shorts and have a cute after 5pm outfit with it as well! The possibilities, the possiblities!!

Hopefully you all enjoyed this look!

Swimsuit: American Apparel



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