Outfit of the Day: An Evening with Linda ❤️

Date night! Easy now, before you start lurking Instagram and Snapchat to see who the latest boo is lol, let me save you the trouble and go ahead and let you that this lovely date was with…..myself!

I’ve been dying to go see the movie Race (the movie reflecting the life of Jesse Owens), but with the stress of midterms haunting over me, I never quite had the opportunity. But with Spring Break finally here, I thought there would be no better way to start spending the holiday, then by spending a little time with me, myself, and I.

Even though it’s just me on this date, I still want to impress myself and look good for me. So I paired this black and white striped crop top from A’GACI with this fun and flirty flare-out skirt from GAP. I could’ve gone the casual route, but I thought why not add a sexy touch to the outfit and put on my new pair of strap up heels.
Hopefully you all enjoy this look as much as I enjoyed the movie!


Skirt: GAP

Shoes: A’GACI



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