Outfit of the Day: It’s a Good Day to be Phirst 

My church has had a different outfit theme every Sunday to celebrate black history month. This Sunday, we were asked to show off our sorority/ fraternity spirit, and you know I had to participate.

I paired this all white spring dress from A’GACI with one of my favorite pieces of paraphernalia. Many sorors ask me where I got this sweater from. I actually purchased it at my first regional conference last year! But I am pretty sure it’s nothing but a simple search on a greek- wear site! (Ex: greekgear.com)

As I’ve mentioned to you all in previous posts, AKA is very dear to my heart and soul. So any opportunity I have to show off my pink and green pride, I will do so!  As always, today was a great day to be Phirst.

Jesus love da Sorors! 󾆴🏿󾬔󾬏 #OOTD #AKA #1908



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