Post #42: Clear Blue Skies 

I had this crazy dream the other day. It started off really simple. I was sitting on this cloud in a sky as blue as can be. And as I was sitting peacefully on this cloud, I was holding this item in the cusp of my hand. It’s even safe it to say that I was gripping it…tight enough to keep it near me. But I remember the item didn’t feel heavy. In fact it was very light, almost like a feather…but my grip on it was still super tight. I then turned my head, and all of a sudden, the item flew out of my hand and drifted behind me. I immediately tried to turn around and grab it again, but as soon as I did, a flood of clouds appeared and the item became buried in them. I began to panic and I tried to reach deeper and deeper in hopes of grabbing it. But the more I dug, the more the clouds appeared. I started to become overwhelmed by the amount of clouds that were surrounding me. Eventually, I stuck my hand out of the bush of clouds and stopping digging for the item. When I did, I noticed that the sea of clouds started to settle. I could see the clear beautiful skies again and serenity was restored. But as vividly as I remember the action of this dream, I can’t for life of me remember what I was gripping onto to so tightly. But when I reflected back on it, I realized that it really didn’t matter.

Whatever the item was in my hand, in reality it was nothing but a mere symbol. It was symbolic of the things in our lives that we hold on to so tightly. The mistakes we’ve made, unhealthy relationships, toxic friendships, empty validation, and everything else that we desperately hold onto because we THINK it makes us safe or calm. But even though we hold onto the things in our lives with such grip, before we even realize it, God finds a way to remove these things from our lives. But for whatever reason, we lack faith in His plan and choose to trust our own. We convince ourselves that we need these things. And even though they are so light and insignificant to our value, we’re still convinced that we can’t do without it. So we chase behind them, and we hold on…many times, just to have something to hold onto. But the more we chase behind these things when they’re released from us, the more we get surrounded by clouds of unhappiness, loneliness, frustration, and inconsistency. But when you remove your hands and stop chasing just as I did in my dream, you’ll see those clouds slowly start to fade away. Trust that whatever is released from your life is released for your good. Release your grip on these insignificant things that are weighing you down. Just Let it go…And watch your gray clouds turn back into the clear blue sky it was always meant to be.

Post #42


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