Post #35: Winning 

Wow. That’s exactly what I said when I scrolled through my Facebook Timeline last night. It’s been going through my head for the past couple of weeks, but it really didn’t dawn on me until yesterday. I don’t know about you all but I haven’t witnessed this many people achieving this much personal success in so long. People are out here obtaining their degrees, going back to school, landing job offers, getting promotions, starting businesses, and going after that dream profession they’ve always wanted. Not just professionally, but people are starting families with loved ones, falling in love, mending broken relationships , reconnecting with old friends, eating healthier, getting their bodies on fleek, switching up their look, and just slaying in all aspects of their everyday life in general! People are truly winning and doing it with such pride! I think this year, just like every year, has been one where great trials have been faced. But it has also been a year of growth! A year where people are slowly but surely becoming the person they’ve always envisioned of being.

Maybe this year, hasn’t been amazing for you. But that’s okay, because your time is coming! Don’t sulk in your comparison of others people’s success stories…instead, go out and create your own! Use the success of others to inspire you. Use it as a tool to propel you to new heights! God is not surrounding you by the accolades of others to make you question your own, but rather to help push you to make YOUR own success story. Because you deserve to win, just like everyone else! So with each day that passes, pat yourself on the back for the accomplishments you have made and continue to strive to accomplish more! The major key to remember about the “pathway to success”, is that everyone’s route is different, but the final destination will always be the same. 🔑

Post #35



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