Outfit of the Day: The Valentine’s Day Edition 

What better day to whip out a good ‘ole red dress than on the day of love! Usually on Valentine’s Day, I keep it pretty simple. However this year,  Valentine’s Day just happened to fall on a gorgeous and sunny Sunday, so I thought it would be fun to jazz things up a little bit and whip out this satin Cache dress that had been hiding in the back of my closet for months now. Because red is such a vibrant color on it’s own, I wanted to go easy on the jewelry and let the dress do all the talking. However, I thought these earrings added an elegant touch to the look and really complimented the big romantic curls that I attempted.

I hope you all enjoyed this Vday look! This is my 22nd Valentines day that I’ve spent as a single. After I posted a few pictures of this look, a friend asked me why I got all dolled up if I was single. But I’ve finally learned that there’s no greater love than the love that I give myself. And each and everyday that the Lord gives me, I will strive to exude that love from the inside, out…until God sends me a love that’s worth celebrating each and everyday of the year. ❤️ #truelove #lifeonlocOOTD

Dress: Cache




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