Outfit of the Day: Circa ’93

I have been dying to get my hands on some jumbo braids for months and I finally got a little taste of them! Naturally, I was feeling a mix of vibes ranging from MOESHA to TLC to Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice. So today, I decided to embrace these 90s feels and take my Outfit of the Day back a little bit. Lets see what happens when 2016 meets 1993.

The top in this look is actually an old dress that I got from Forever XXI for…wait for it….$5. (Never neglect the sales rack no matter how irritating the clutter may appear). Now I know you may be wondering why I would tuck a dress into some jeans, but since I loved the sheer top and sleeves of this garment, I thought I would get creative and make it into a shirt today to achieve this look.

The choker necklace is actually a thin scarf that I tied backwards around my neck, and I paired it with my boyfriend blazer to give it a touch of sophistication. Needless to say, this outfit made having these jumbo braids all the more fun!

Moral of the outfit: With a little creativity, you can achieve any look from any decade.

Top: Forever 21

Scarf: Harwin

Blazer: GAP

Jeans: Mossimo

Earrings: A’Gaci


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