Outfit of the Day: Nigeria meets Houston

If you couldn’t tell by name, I am a proud Igbo woman. And one of the richest aspects of our culture is our traditional clothing. Although I am currently living in the US, I try to incorporate both the cultures into one as often as I can. One example of that is this particular outfit!

Over the years, I’ve collected many Ankaras and I am convinced that there’s nothing these items cant match with. So as we were heading to the MLK service this morning, I decided to show off one of my favorite Ankaras with this nude skirt from Foreign Exchange. Of course, January is still a little chilly, so I thought it would be smart to add my favorite trench coat and my nude hat from Forever XXI to keep me warm.

Moral of the Outfit: Flex your culture whenever possible!

Ankara Top: handmade from Nigeria

Skirt: Foreign exchange

Hat: Forever 21

Trenchcoat: BooHoo
#OOTD #lifeonlocOOTD #lookbook #stylegram #womensfashion #trenchcoatseason #Ankara



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