Outfit of the Day: The Phirst of Many

Almost a year ago now, a childhood dream of mine came into fruition. I became a member of the most illustrious organization in the world. I became a part of a sisterhood that has united thousands and served millions. I became a part of a sisterhood that has changed the lives of so many. And today, January 15, is so monumental for this organization…because it was on this day, 108 years ago, that this sisterhood was founded. And while I’ve been blessed to do many outfit of the days, rarely is their one as special as the one in celebration of your Phirst Founders Day.

But I wanted to do something a little special to honor this day and Ethel’s esteemed vision. I wanted to wear something that really showed the uniqueness and versatility of my sorority. So I decided to wear these pink overalls from Foreign Exchange accompanied with this AKA bucket hat that I got from the Alpha Kappa Alpha regional conference that I attended last year. Today was truly a great day, and hopefully I did my part to make Ethel proud not just in my outfit, but in my contribution to society as a soror.

Moral of the Outfit: Always Slay in the name of AKA.
Overalls: Foreign Exchange

Dress: Zaful

Sweater: Target 



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