Post #33: Whose flowering your garden? 

People love coming to talk you. I mean why wouldn’t they? You’re a great listener and you’re not judgmental. People trust you and you seem to always know the right thing to say. You’re like a fountain that’s constantly filling the gardens of others, and revamping their once dead flowers into something fruitful again. But my question is, what about your garden? What fountain is pouring water onto your flowers? When your flowers are looking pale, whose helping you restore them back to life? A lot of times we give so much of ourselves to various people. It makes us feel useful and important…like we’re making a real difference in the lives of others, even if it’s a simple piece of advice that may seem like common sense to us. And selflessness is by far one of the most beautiful qualities in a friendship. However, so is mutuality. You can’t constantly be the one doing the giving in your relationships and getting little to nothing in return. Because in doing so, it drains you. And when you’re drained not only do you have nothing to give others, but you have nothing to give yourself. It’s great to share your wisdom with others, but it’s important that you find friends that are going to share their wisdom with you. You can’t grow if you only surround yourself around people that fail to feed your soul. You need to surround yourself with people who are going to provide you with the same, if not better, insight than you give them. You need to surround yourself with uplifting people that make you look at life and situations differently. You need to find friends that help you see the glass as half full, instead of half empty. You need friends that are able to water your garden when you are unable to do it yourself. You need friends that give you a perspective on situations that make your thoughts better than they were before. You need friends that are just as focused on you as they are on themselves, because they know the importance of strengthening those around them. Because those are the things that supply the framework of a healthy and mutual friendship. Keeping yourself in bondage with friends that don’t help build you up is only stunting your growth in becoming a better person! And with all the things in life that are out to make us self destruct, our friends should not be one of them.

So evaluate your friendships. Make sure they are as inspiring to you as you are to them. And just as you water their plants, make sure that they’re pouring into your garden and making your flowers bloom just as bright as theirs.

Post #33


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