Post #34: “One Times the Charm”

Forgiveness and second chances are not the same thing. But a lot of times we confuse the two. Sometimes in life, our friends, family, or lovers will do things to us. Things that may offend us, hurt us, and even reshape our relationship and trust with that person for the worse. And over time, whether they’ve apologized a million times or you’re just over the … Continue reading Post #34: “One Times the Charm”

Post #33: Whose flowering your garden? 

People love coming to talk you. I mean why wouldn’t they? You’re a great listener and you’re not judgmental. People trust you and you seem to always know the right thing to say. You’re like a fountain that’s constantly filling the gardens of others, and revamping their once dead flowers into something fruitful again. But my question is, what about your garden? What fountain is … Continue reading Post #33: Whose flowering your garden? 

Post #31: Hall Pass 🚫Denied 

A friend sent me this picture and asked me what I thought about it. The first thing that came to my head was…”What’s so special about the number 8?”. Why not 7 or 9 or any other number? Is 8 some magical number that, when he’s reached it, he will have finally released his urge of infidelity and will suddenly give your relationship the respect … Continue reading Post #31: Hall Pass 🚫Denied 

Post #30: You deserve it

You deserve it. You deserve to feel happiness in a world surrounded by sadness. You deserve to experience joy. You deserve to know peace. You deserve to know forgiveness. You deserve to see your rainbow after life hits you with rain. You deserve friendship. Friendships that uplift you. Friendships that keep you on the phone until 4 in the morning. Friendships that make you laugh till … Continue reading Post #30: You deserve it