Outfit of the Day: Nigerian Barbie Doll 

I have been absolutely loving this crochet wig that my sister made for me! It’s super voluminous and very young and girly! So I wanted to wear an outfit today that really highlighted how much of a Nigerian Barbie doll I feel like when I am wearing it. 

I paired this satin pink top with this white high waisted skirt. The sheer panels in the skirt added a little character to the outfit as well as nicely complimented the sleek stripes within the top! And of course, we all know you can’t go wrong with nude, so I paired it with my favorite pair of heels and hit the streets! 

Hope you all enjoyed it! 

Skirt: A’GACI

Shoes: Forever XXI

#lifeonlocOOTD #lifeonloc #OOTD


One thought on “Outfit of the Day: Nigerian Barbie Doll 

  1. Idi out🙌😀you look take away

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    From:”WordPress.com” Date:Sun, 22 Nov, 2015 at 1:33 AM Subject:[New post] Outfit of the Day 

    LifeOnLOC posted: “Went for the Nigerian Barbie doll look today, Outfit of the Day. Top: Stein Mart  Skirt: A’GACI  Shoes: Forever XXI  #lifeonlocOOTD #lifeonloc #OOTD   “



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