Post #27: MAN TIP MONDAYS-Compliments, Just Because 

Man Tip Mondays: Give Genuine Compliments Just Because
If you haven’t noticed, women love to be flattered. Even though a woman may already know everything that you’re telling her, it still feels great to be reminded of the beauty God blessed her with (even when she pretends like she like it doesn’t). But in the world we live in today, unfortunately flattery from men comes with an interest or a motive attached to it. But trust me guys, nothing feels better than hearing a compliment from a man, just because. It reminds us that beyond popular belief, gentleman are still alive and breathing in this world, and it helps soften our outlook and our preconceived notions of men. And honestly, it just feels good! She’ll probably never tell you, but that one simple compliment probably brightened her day..made the corners of her smile stretch just a little wider…and affirmed her that her efforts to look and be her best are not going unnoticed. And last I checked, a little affirmation of the truth never hurt anybody.
Men, realize that sometimes as confident as we appear to be, it’s a daily struggle being a woman. At times, our body just isn’t on fleek like we would like, our hair is doing the exact opposite of what we want it to do, and the outfit we had in mind just isn’t as show stopping as we thought it would be. So hearing you guys randomly remind us of our good qualities both inward and outward, is not only sweet, but it’s encouraging during the times we probably need to hear it the most. So guys if you don’t already do it, try it out. You never know…that compliment you gave that woman on her could give her the extra hair flip she needed to turn her frown into a smile.

Post #27


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