Post #24: Enough Pretty to Go Around 

Ladies, there can be more than one pretty girl in the room. Now as women, we are a competitive species (even more so than men, I believe). If there’s one thing we like to do, its win. But why do we compete over beauty? Why do we see something as unique and diverse as beauty in terms of a hierarchy? Because we listen to a society that tells us that instead of appreciating other women’s beauty, we should be threatened by it. So instead of uplifting each other and celebrating each other’s physical blessings, we look for faults and find ways to knock each other down, so that we have an opportunity to look better.

But remember, someone else’s beauty DOES NOT take away from yours! This is a lesson I had to learn. I used to put other girls I admired on a pedalstool and scrutinized myself for not having what they had. I believed that next to them, my beauty was subpar. But I realized that was nothing but the enemy.

See, when you look in the mirror, a completely different and beautiful reflection stares back at you, and no one has the luxury of claiming that. You have to grow self assurance in what God has given you and own that! You have to know that your beauty is just as radiant and noticeable as anyone else’s. You have to be confident in the presence that you command when you walk into a room and stop questioning it every time another pretty girl walks in. Because that pretty girl is not you! Remember, beauty IS NOT a competition or a comparison match. Think about it, God has given us all such different features, body figures, and hair textures that work just for us…so how can one possibly try to compare that all of that variety? You can’t…simply because it was never meant to be compared.

As women Society loves to pin us against each other. They love to make our beauty contingent on how many guys likes us, how many likes we get on Instagram, and how close we are to looking like “society’s idea of the perfect girl”. But in reality, none of that matters. And by following that trend, all we’re doing is creating a bigger gap of women who feel insecure about something they should be wholeheartedly embracing. So the next time you see another beautiful woman, do what I do, and compliment her. If you like how she does her makeup or her style, ask for some tips of invite her on a shopping trip. Let’s turn feeling threatened, into. feeling inspired. Feeling inspired to try new things with your look and inspired to embrace your unique flare. As women, there’s already tons of obstacles against us, let’s not make ourselves one of them.

Remember, “letting another person’s light shine, doesn’t dim yours.” ❤️

—- LifeOnLOC

Post #24



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