Post #22: Success is the Best Revenge

Success is THE BEST revenge you can have over anyone. If that didn’t sink in the first time, I’ll say it again: Success is the best revenge you can over anyone. Think about it. Your enemies want you to fight with them. They want you to bicker back and forth with them. They want you to focus on them. They want you to stay mediocre. That’s right where they want you. Why? Because it makes you just like them. It confirms their belief that you are just as low and as average as them. So they have contentment because they know that as long as you are entertaining their foolishness, their pettiness, and succumb to their idea of defeat,…they know that they have won. How? Because THEIR actions take precedence over you and your happiness, and they know that they are in control of your life. But one thing they can NEVER control, is YOUR success. Sure, they can say or feel what they want, but one thing they can never do is negate the blessings that God has put before you.
So instead of fighting back, fight for something better. Go back to school, strive for that higher degree, make deans list, grow closer to God, start a small business, achieve a goal you’ve always wanted to achieve. THAT is how you win the war. THAT is how you properly stunt on your haters. If you really want to teach your enemies a lesson, show them that despite any and everything they throw at you, you will ALWAYS end up on top. When you show that you are striving for something bigger than you, not only have you gained vengeance over your enemies, but you’ve gained respect from the world. And believe me, that coupled with God’s favor, is a victory that trumps the sweetest revenge you could imagine.
The time and energy you’ve been wasting trying to seek revenge on your ex, your haters, or that former friend that turned to a foe….channel it towards being as successful as you can possibly be. Because that’s a type of victory that they can’t compete with.

Post #22


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