Post #17: Me, Myself, and I

Do you remember Beyonce’s song Me, Myself, and I? (Personally, it’s one of my top 5 favorites lol). However, listening to it really made me think. A lot of people do not know how to be alone. There’s this misconception that being alone or spending time with yourself is like walking into a fatal black alley. You need time with just yourself. It gives you the opportunity to recharge so that you can give your best when you’re around others. It allows you to unwind without the pressures of keeping up a certain persona for others. Most importantly, it helps you realize that all you really need is YOU. See, when give yourself the opportunity to be in solitude, you start to appreciate yourself. You start to learn about what you like, what makes you happy, and you form your own opinions without the influence of others. You start to see how unique you are and start to build confidence in that. So that when you get around others, you can proudly share all the greatness that you have to offer. I truly believe spending time with just yourself, is the first step in loving yourself. Because you are giving yourself the growth and TLC that everyone needs to build and become better. And in a generation that’s yearning to love someone, why not start with the person that will never let you down: yourself. Cultivate the relationship within your heart, mind, and spirit first, then cultivate it with others. When I realized the value in this, I learned that just like Queen B, even if I have no one else, I’ve got me, myself, and I…and I always will. So I advise you to try it. Take yourself on dates, go shopping by yourself, go on walks, journal…Learn to love to hang out with you! This way, if you ever are forced to be alone, you won’t fret. Why? Because Just like Beyoncé, you’ve got you, yourself, and YOU.


POST #17


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