Post #15: Let People Sleep on You

Let people sleep on you. I repeat, let people sleep on you. Let them underestimate you and undermine what you can accomplish. A lot of times, people will overlook you and your success. They will try to sell you the lie that you aren’t good enough and they will try to discourage you from your goals. Remember that you only have to prove something to one person: YOU. Don’t try to validate your potential to people who are not apart of your vision. That’s just the enemy trying to break down the strength that God has put inside of you. It’s your haters way of filling you with self doubt, so that you’ll never maximize to be better than them. But what they fail to realize, is that whats for you will always be for you…even when others can’t see it. Where you are going in life is father than you ever envisioned , and you were destined for success the minute you were born. So don’t let the naysayers distract you from your vision, instead pray for them. Pray that they can discover their own purpose instead of questioning yours. Stay focused on yourself as well as the family and friends that love and believe in you, because with that support system, you can’t go wrong . So like I said, don’t worry when others down play you. Because in this race called life, all applauses will be in your direction when you come out on top.

Post #15


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