Post #14: A Father vs A Dad

I don’t think a lot of people realize the difference between a father and a dad. There are plenty of “fathers” out there. They lay down with a woman and produce this amazing work of art, but they leave the painting unfinished. A father’s work begins and ends at conception. A father may acknowledge the child and support the child financially, but their work in their child’s life is limited. A father just assumes the man made title of a parent not because he wants to, but because he has to. Whether it’s his conscious, the government, or just to avoid the “deadbeat dad” stigma, they do just enough for 18 years…just enough to get by.

A father is not a dad, because a dad’s work is never done. A dad’s work will change a child’s life forever.

For a son, a dad is the first and most personal example of a man he will see. He will see his dad’s successes, his dad’s relentlessness, his accomplishments, and it will subconsciously inspire his son to one day attain that same respect. He won’t look to rest of the world for a hero, because he has it in his pops. Most importantly, his dad will be his best teacher…from mowing the lawn, to playing sports, to how to be a drive car. Most of the time, his dad won’t have to say a word. Even deeper than that, just the mere example of his dad’s everyday life will teach him how to be a provider, a loving husband, and a respected man. His dad will teach him how to be strong for his family. He will teach him how to lead his family spiritually, mentally, financially, and lovingly. He will teach him how to seek a wife. He will teach him how to handle conflict. He will teach him how to more than a statistic. He will teach him not only how to survive, but how to be successful. He will teach him the things a mother can’t. A dad will teach his son how to be a real man, rather than his son teaching himself how to be a grown boy. A dad will raise his son to be a better dad than him…so that when his time to teach comes, he will be ready, willing, and able.

For a daughter, a dad is her first experience of true love with a man. Her dad will set the standard…for a man worthy of her, must treat her with the same respect and better. Her dad is her protector, her peace, and her assurance. She won’t need the confirmation of her worth from any man because her dad reminds her how special she is everyday. She doesn’t have to yearn for the attention or lust of a man, because her dad makes her feel beautiful every time he looks at her. She won’t settle for less, because she has a dad who has always shown her the best. She knows what true love looks like because her dad shows that to her even when she fights him. She knows she won’t have to chase acceptance from a man because she has watched her dad love her unconditionally, despite her flaws and shortcomings. She knows she’s good enough, because even when society tells her she’s the forgotten princess, her dad reminds her that she’s the reigning queen. Because of the combination of earthly dad and her heavenly dad above, she doesn’t mind waiting for true love because it’s been proven her whole life that it exists. Her dad just represented the example of real love, so she knows what it looks like when it finds her (something I thank my dad for everyday).

See, a dad’s presence is a key element in society’s desire to put an end to a generation of hurt souls. Just allow God to fill that void for you and let HIM show you a true dad’s love…even when you can’t find it on Earth. I am praying that this generation of fathers can discover the joy in being a dad, and spread that joy in their children so that they will become and seek out true dads as they mature.

Remember, a father is just a title, but being a dad, that’s a privilege. ❤️


Post #14


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