Post #12: He can’t afford your mortgage 

Have you ever been invested in a guy? So much so, that the benefit on his end is much greater than yours? A good friend of mine used to call this: “building a house”. See when you build a house for a guy, just like in reality you start with the foundation. You both starting getting to know him, becoming friends, and forming a genuine platonic interest in him. Then eventually, you start framing the walls of the house. At this point, the feelings start to creep in and although it’s not exactly sturdy yet, you can start visualize the idea of talk together. You start painting the bare walls with the idea of your picture perfect relationship and you just can’t help but imagine decorating with pictures of memories, inside jokes, and little intimate moments that y’all share to help make the house feel more like a home. Then you start building brick around your house, and your feelings grow stronger and stronger until they’re impenetrable. And before you know it, your house is completely built. You’ve fallen in love and planted this beautiful residence around this one guy only to find out one important detail: he has no intentions of moving in. Sure, he’s with you as you’re building the house, he tells you that he loves the brick your using, how he appreciates the strong foundation you built for him, and even helps you pick out furniture and decorations. He’ll be there to watch as you develop these strong feelings for him, heck, he’ll even encourage it. He’ll tell you all the things you need to hear, he’ll flirt with you, and satisfy you just enough to keep your house off the market. Why? Because even though, he doesn’t want to live in your house, he can’t stand the idea of you building another one for someone else. So he’ll visit from time to time, buy a few pieces of furniture to put in here and there, he may even have a little, special drawer…but nothing is ever permanent. Because just like he likes your house, he likes hers, and hers, and hers. So in his mind, it doesn’t make sense to go through the trouble of living in your house permanently, when he can reaps the benefits of your house while still shopping around, just in case he finds a better one on the market. All of this is to his benefit, because if worst comes to worst and none of the other houses work out, he can still move in with you, right? And as your house is collecting dust with your right mind telling you that you should put up your For-Sale sign, you hold off with the hope that one day, he’ll finally move in. But the question you’re scared to answer and the one all of your friends and loved ones want to know is: what if that day never comes?

See, men are very intentional when they want to be with a woman. You will not have to worry, wonder, or doubt if the interest is there, because they will make all the necessary steps to make you their one and only. No woman should have to build a house for a man. That should be something you do together. As HE lays down the foundation in his pursuit for you, you both will take the steps to slowly but surely build your house together. Why spend your precious time waiting on a man that not’s even qualified to be house hunting in your neighborhood? Before you know it, time will pass you by and you’ll wake up one morning in an empty house filled with meaningless decorations and empty promises. As much as it hurts, The truth is, he will never move in… and he doesn’t deserve to. Your mortgage is too high for him to afford. Your house is a reflection of you: beautiful, strong, and impenetrable; It’s built to last. So let the right person move in, because God’s preparing him to look for a house as well. However, instead of him ringing your doorbell to visit from time to time, you both will build a new house together and that house will last a lifetime. ❤️


POST #12


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