Post #11: The Opinion that Mattered 

I always wanted everyone to like me. If there were 300 people in the room and only one person didn’t like me, I was determined to figure out why and what I could do to change their mind. Even though, more often times than not, I knew their dislike for me was for no reason at all, I was still determined to have their acceptance. It wasn’t that I needed to be everyone’s best friend, but just the mere fact of knowing that I was liked by others was enough validation for me to know that I was doing something right. It confirmed that I was on society’s good side. I somehow came to conclusion that the more people that liked me, would mean the more I liked myself. I was wrong. It wasn’t until my senior year of college, that I asked myself one very important question: “Do I like me?”For years, I was finding contentment in pleasing others, that I forgot to please myself…the only opinion that really matters. I was neglecting my individuality to impress people who didn’t even like themselves….and in doing so I gave them power over my happiness and granted them jurisdiction over a verdict that God already decided from my birth. As perfect as God is, He is able to accept me flaws and all. Despite all of my imperfections, He not only still likes me…He loves me. So why does anyone else matter? I realized that I couldn’t see His clear vision of me, because I was too busy trying to see myself from the blurry eyes of my enemies.

It was then I came to a new conclusion. I realized that it’s not my job to worry about who likes me and who doesn’t. My job is to make sure that I am living a life that not only pleases me, but pleases God. It’s my job to worry about the opinions of those who truly love me no matter what, because those are the opinions that are going to uplift me in a world that’s constantly telling me to hate myself. It’s my job to like my awkward laugh, my OCD tendencies, and weird habits….however, it’s NOT my job to convice you that I am worthy of your acceptance, God already handled that for me.

So even if only 2 of those 300 people in the room like me, *shrugs shoulders*…it’s perfectly fine. Why? Because I have to like myself to show others that I AM in charge of my life. Each day that I do that, it may inspire someone else to do the same. Then maybe one day, just maybe, we can live in a perfect world where only two opinions matter: God’s and yours.


Post #11


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