Post #1: What Chapter Are You On?

Starting new chapters in life is probably the scariest, bravest, most excited thing someone can do. Most people don’t like change and starting a new chapter is exactly that… Change! It’s stepping out of your comfort zone and trying to find peace in a foreign place. But life is about developing and learning more about ourselves so that we can become better. With every new chapter you become wiser, more resilient, and more fearless. Evaluate yourself for a second. You would not be person you are now if you didn’t make the conscious step to open new doors for yourself and start something new. Whether it be a new job, a new level of education, a new relationship, etc., you owe it yourself to embrace the evolution that God is placing in your life with the best attitude possible. No matter how small or large the change, believe it or not, your new chapter is inspiring someone else. Just like reading a book, every chapter contributes something that brings the book one step closer to completion. The goal is to ensure that each chapter is better and more fulfilled than previous. Lucky for us, our book is still being written. What chapter are you on?



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