Post #3: To be Petty or not to be Petty?…That is the Question

We all have that one petty friend. Lol. The one that intentionally takes the childish route each and every time.
Have You ever sat back and thought about how hard it is to be the bigger person sometimes? And if we’re being honest, sometimes being petty feels good. At that moment you won the battle and that other person feels just as low, angry, and upset as you felt. But what does that solve? Absolutely nothing.
We think it’ll make us feel better to stoop to their level and retaliate by giving them what we “think” they deserve, but in reality, you’re just as upset and hurt as before. Look at this way: you retaliating with pettiness sends a message that you both are equals. You are saying that I am right where you are and we are on the same level. If you didn’t know, let me be the first to tell you, that you are not on the same level with your enemies…you are better. But to be better, you have to act better. Always be the bigger person even if takes every ounce of your strength. Eventually, they take notice of your maturity and mess with others that will engage in their foolishness. Believe it or not, when you take the high road, it makes them realize just how small they really are and their respect for you will only grow (even if they never admit it). You have to make others recognize with both your words AND actions that you are cut from a different cloth, and that type of respect does not with engagement in pettiness. You have to make the conscious decision to rise above and please believe me, I recognize how difficult that challenge is and I struggle with it constantly. However, remain strong in the fact that God is preparing you for things your enemies could never imagine. Don’t mess that up by allowing them to bring you to their level of mediocrity. So I know it’s hard it yall, but let them win the petty battle…because God is preparing you to win the ultimate war.


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