Post #7: “He’s not good enough for you”

I have to be honest, many women today are cheating themselves. When I look around on Social Media or amongst my peers, I see so many women settling. I am not talking about settling for a mans looks, job, or social status,… I mean settling in treatment…settling in what they deserve. I know what I am going to say may sound harsh and I know you love him (we’ve all been there), but the reality is: . You have everything going for you. Have you not looked in the mirror and seen how beautiful you are? How smart you are? How unique you are? Look at how many people love and take notice of you! You’re a full package, girl!
Yet despite all of your greatness, you can’t see it. All of your settling is starting to wear off on you and now you’re starting to see yourself out of the eyes of a man who never saw your worth in the first place. Subpar has become your norm, and even though you know you deserve a timeless love, you settle in trying to win over a love that will never exist. Rather than standing alone and finding comfort in Gods image of you, you spend all of your time trying to make him see you…even though he’s not capable of seeing you because he can’t even see himself. All of a sudden, It doesn’t matter how highly other people think of you, because it means nothing if he doesn’t think highly of you. You start to buy into the lie that if he doesn’t see your worth, no one else will. So you spend your time trying to win over his acceptance because you feel that if you do, then you’ll finally win the love you think you’ve been craving for. Sadly, He can’t give that to you. Not because he’s a bad guy, but because he’s not capable of doing that for you. He’s only capable of bringing you down to his level so that he can feel strong, even if it means making you weak. Again, he’s not good enough for you.
A man that is good enough for you is beyond the superficial credentials. A man that is good enough for you will be inspired by your strength, not intimidated by it. A man that is good enough wont make you question your worth, instead he will remind you daily with his words AND his actions just how invaluable you are. Even though he’s of your caliber, your presence in his life still humbles him and makes him feel like the luckiest man on earth. A man that’s good enough for you will see you way deeper than the way you see yourself… he sees your soul.
In that kind of love, the word settle doesn’t exist and never will.
Post #7


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