Post #8: Social Media: Perception vs Reality

I love social media. A lot of us do. I mean, I probably get on Instagram and Snapchat at least 5 or 6 times a day (@LOChinwe for any fellow snappers out there)

However, as great as social media can be, people tend to fall into the trap of comparing their real life, with the perceptions of real life that they see online. One of the reasons why Social Media is so well received is because it gives us an escape from our personal worlds. On those accounts, we are in control of what we put out to the world and we can be whoever we want to be. Unlike real life, we can make things look as great as we want them to without ever portraying what’s really going on inside of us. It’s like a blank canvas, and with every post, we paint the picture that we want the world to see….But the same girl who takes gorgeous selfies and looks as if she has the perfect life, could be staring at herself in the mirror with hatred, battling a dark battle of depression. Just like no one would ever believe that the guy who gets 500 likes, wearing the nicest clothes and driving the flashiest car would be willing to give all of that up to have one true friend they could confide in.

Moreover, don’t let perception rule your reality. You are more than likes, heart eyes under your comments, and your number of snapchat views. Why let the internet determine your value when God already proclaimed that you were invaluable? Don’t start questioning your blessings based on a mere snippet of what people choose to show you. Instead, use your social media to paint a canvas that inspires people, to create a network, and to share your REALITY with others. Don’t let the enemy use a fun way to connect with others as yet another tool to make you believe that you aren’t good enough. Like I mentioned earlier, social media is your canvas, paint it your way and your way only.
Post #8


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