Post #2: The Challenge

“He loves me, he loves me not?” “No girl, He really does love me, that’s just how he is sometimes”. A lot of times, we as woman have a tendency to put up with subpar treatment from men…even if there’s a better guy willing and able to show us the love we deserve. So why do we let the good guy finish last? The challenge. Whether it’s the challenge of winning the bad guy over, the challenge of proving your family and friends wrong about your relationship, the challenge of making the guy change, the challenge of trying to get back to the Honeymoon stage, or simply the challenge of just trying to understand what happened and what went wrong. However we forget that in trying to overcome these challenges we also experience heartache, confusion, stress, and so many other emotions that are the exact opposite of love. Why find a love that’s challenging when God’s love for us is so simple? He created someone specifically for you that will love you and treasure you in a way that no one else will be able to comprehend. Your ONLY challenge in this game of love, should be finding the strength to wait for God to send you that person, if He hasn’t already. So for those like me (both men and women) that can’t ever seem to take the easy way out, challenge yourself to this: to choose the love that dares you to be better. Any other love, is not worth your effort.



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